18 Jan 12

Sexy Cum Swappers

These two hot babes look like they are ready to have some serious fun….. One chick sucks while the other licks his balls!

These two cock sucking whores are after one thing - a hot load of cum to share between the two of them!

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Blondie here takes the load of cum right in the mouth - what a great shot!

But she doesn’t swallow it down right away, but instead holds onto it….

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So she can share it with her lesbian girlfriend!!!!

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Some women love cock…. And some women REALLY love cock! We think it’s pretty clear where Kitty stand on sucking cock… Clearly she loves sucking down cock!

But first she needs to lick the shaft of the cock - and the tip too…..

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And of course the balls….. All good blow jobs have chicks licking our nut sacks!

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And Kitty here is more than willing to do it all!!!! We bet she can deep throat like it’s no one’s business to!!!!

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Meet Amy. One of my favorite amateurs to stroll through the doors of Broke Amateurs. Really cool chic and a great personality. Open to everything and of course, a true first timer. She starts off with a little blow job action and without even asking, she goes right down and licks my balls. You gotta love a chic who does that. Next I fuck that tight teen amateur pussy until I can’t hold back anymore. Like a pro Amy gets on her knees and looks up at me and begs for my cum, causing me to shoot a huge load in her mouth. Check out Amy’s previews above and for more real first time girls in their very first sex vid, follow the links to Broke Amateurs.

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Why in the fuck don't I move to|live in Las Vegas? There were so many gorgeous little chicks at the porn convention that my brain has trouble distinguishing them from each other. Good thing we got lots of video while we were there. For example, check out this naughty little babe we met named Kitty. This tan little hottie loves sucking dick and she couldn’t get enough of mine once we were alone. She loves it when you squeeze those tiny nipples of hers. She got a big load.

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14 Jan 12

Hot Cum Swappers

There is nothing hotter in the world than two chicks sucking down on the same cock…. You just know his cock is going to burst. The only question is which one of these hotties is going to get his load of cum???

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Turns out Eva - the hot brunette of this cock sucking tag team - is going to be the one who gets the load of cum in her mouth!!!!

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But she’s not greedy so she’s going to share it all with her blonde haired girlfriend Vanessa…. Because Vanessa is a truly a cum junkie who loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

And Vanessa will take all of the cum she can get!!!!

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We love cum whores!!!!

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13 Jan 12

Lisa Loves Licking

Lisa comes across as slutty but no man would say no to her… She’s got a banging body and loves to please. She also loves to suck cock and loves getting a shot of cum in her mouth!

Her oral skills are pretty damn good… She looks sexy on her knees looking back up at us with her mouth stuffed with cock!

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She takes that load of cum right on her tongue and she seems to enjoy it….. She’s surely not afraid of it, that’s for sure!

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Lisa is one of those sluts who doesn’t swallow it down right away… She loves the taste of cum in her mouth, on her tongue, and wants you to see that she’s got your man goo in her mouth….. She’ll let it linger in her mouth, enjoying the flavor, and then swallows it down whole!

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12 Jan 12

Teen Cum Swappers

The only thing hotter than watching these two teen hotties swap cum with each other is knowing that the only way they got that cum is by sharing a cock between the two of them……

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Sharing cock between girlfriends is always hot!!!!

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Looks like young Haley here knows a few tricks in the oral department…. This hot teen slut with the strawberry blonde hair can deep throat like you wouldn’t believe!!!

That is a beautiful sight!!!!

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But the best part is this Amateur Allure chick not only can deep throat cock without gagging, but also isn’t afraid to swallow down a massive load of man gunk!

haley swallows down cum2

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I Welcome to Las Vegas, baby! We just got back from the big porn convention and damn, it was amazing. There was so much pussy, it's going to take forever to sort it all out. Just to get you started, check out Jayden here. We met this gorgeous little blonde amateur in the hotel lobby and it wasn't long at all before she wanted to come upstairs for a big mouthful. After this hot blonde babe gets a load, she gulps it down with pride. There's plenty more from the Vegas trip though, so stay tuned!

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9 Jan 12

Lisa Loves Cum

You can tell that Lisa here loves sucking on cock….. She’s crawling around on her hands and knees like a little honry puppy dog that wants to hump the first leg she sees….. Women who love spending time on their knees, well, they give the best blowjobs!!!

We can’t wait to see Lisa tearing into some cock!!!!

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Looks like Lisa isn’t afraid to deep throat cock either!!! That’s always handy - and an important oral skill for any woman to learn!!!!!

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But just as hot is the way Lisa, still on her knees, has her mouth open up wide and she’s more than willing to take that shot of cum right down her mouth!

And in this case, this load of hot man goo is going to go deep down her throat!!!

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But that’s just how this cum junkie likes it!!!!

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